Sunday, August 19, 2012

What Would You Have Left?

I did a little experiment with my kids in Children's Church a few weeks ago.  I encourage them to bring their Bibles to class, and they earn points to spend in our store once a month when they bring them.  This particular Sunday, though, after everyone sat down and pulled out their Bibles, I walked around and took their Bibles away.  I put them in a stack at the front of the room and asked the kids, "What would you do if your Bible was taken away?"

I went on to explain that this is a reality in many parts of the world.  I read them true stories of Christians in persecuted countries from Kids of Courage (the kids portion of Voice of the Martyrs).  I explained that in some countries, people can't get a Bible because it's illegal, so if one person has one, they will tear pages from it and give one page at a time to other Christians.  When they have studied and memorized that page, they will trade it for another.  They are desperate for God's Word.

So I asked the kids: If someone took your Bible, how much of it would you know?  Their eyes were wide as they shook their heads and admitted, "Not much."  It hit home for those kids.  But I can't help but wonder, how many adults would say the same thing?  How much have we memorized?  If all we had was what we've hidden in our hearts, how much would we be left with?

Today is the first day of the new Hide His Word challenge at Do Not Depart.  I'm excited about hiding 1 Peter in my heart.  The older I get, the more I realize how crucial it is to memorize God's Word.  This is a simple plan, averaging two verses a week.  I'm so excited about starting!  I pray the day never comes when my Bible is taken from me, but even if it doesn't, I never know when I'll need to reach deep inside and pull up what I've hidden.  First, though, I have to make sure I've taken the time to hide it in my heart and mind.


  1. Thank you for sharing! I loved your blog posts and your very practical teaching! I believe that I shall use your example tomorrow morning with my children as we begin "The Dig for Kids" and importance of memorizing Scripture as we go through.

  2. Great post. My family started saving His word in our hearts last year as part of our Bible study.
    Your thoughts make a great point and I'll be sharing it with my children when we begin talking about praying for others (I actually plan to use the Kids of Courage site for some of this.)
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Excellent, Amanda. I've had similar thoughts...what if the only knowledge available to me some day of the Bible was what I had memorized? Makes for additional motivation.

    So glad you're joining in memorizing with us!


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