Friday, January 6, 2012

The Hello Mornings Notebook

I am so excited about the new project I've been working on!  I love Hello Mornings (from Kat at Inspired to Action).  The new session starts in just a few days.  This will be my third session to participate in, and my second session to be an A.C. (accountability captain).  I love the friendships that form during these sessions, and I love seeing women all over the world starting (or continuing) a routine of starting their days off right. 

There are three main areas that Hello Mornings focuses on: starting your day with quiet time for Bible study and prayer, planning, and fitness.  I was looking through my Bible study notebook this week and thought, why not combine all the elements of Hello Mornings into one notebook?  So today I present the Hello Mornings notebook!  First let me say, my kids say I'm cheap I'm frugal by nature - I just gathered up a few supplies that I already had on hand and put this together.  I'm sure most of you have the same things somewhere in your house.  So here it is:

A cute, colorful three-ring binder (because when I wake up at 5:00 a.m., I need some inspiration!)

A zipper pouch for index cards, pens, Post-It notes, and other things I need for my Bible study time.

A few dividers - the first section holds the Ephesians Bible study I'm currently working on (and have been working on for quite a while - see my post on my one-word goal for 2012)

The second section is for my prayer journal - I've kept it in a small notebook for several months now, but I LOVE the printable Kat shared from her prayer journal.

Next is my planning section.  I have a DayPlanner that goes everywhere with me (which I often refer to as "my brain") but I use this for a weekly overview (another great resource from Kat) and my detailed chore/housework schedule. (This is new for me, but I'm hoping it will keep me sane during the upcoming spring semester of college.)

I also keep articles or blog posts I've printed out with ideas I'd like to try, like Kat's post about having a weekly retreat.

Finally, I have my workout section.  I've put workout ideas from a couple of great websites in page protectors so I can start my day off with some simple (not easy, but simple) workouts to jump start my day.  Check out Peak 313 and Mom Workout of the Day for some great ideas.

I can't wait to see how this helps me with my Hello Mornings time.  I also plan to put my Bible, notebook, workout mat, resistance band, favorite blanket, and anything else I might need in a basket by the couch (where I have my morning time).  That way I'm not searching for something at 5:00 a.m. while everyone else is trying to sleep...and I'm trying to keep them all sleeping!  I hope this idea helps you, too.


  1. You've just inspired me to get my "shtuff" together. I went on a cleaning spree in my house yesterday so I know I have a binder I can use. I've been wanting to make a notebook just for Bible study stuff anyway. ;) I'll share pics when I get mine pulled together. Love your new blog space!

  2. I have a morning notebook almost identical to this! It's been terrific to be able to grab one binder to pull up in my lap every morning. I used a binder with a clear front pocket and slid in my favorite scrap book paper (its gotta be fun!), and have very similar sections to yours. I like finding other people who love organizing. :)

  3. I am a sucker for a good binder project! ;) I think I'll me making one of these for my first ever "Hello Mornings Challenge". Thanks for sharing!


  4. Love, love that you provided photos of your notebook. I am looking for a way to get organized and photos are great inspiration.

  5. This looks great. I'm inspired and want to make a notebook too!


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