Sunday, January 22, 2012

Count Me Accountable!

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I started the new year, like so many others, determined to refocus on my health.  After losing 12 pounds over about a three month time span, I put it all in reverse and gained back 5 pounds during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Now I'm ready to get back on track.  I love Claire's simple way of breaking things down at Peak 313...

1.  Eat Clean  2. Move More  3. Refresh Daily 

...and I'm so thankful for the accountability link-up at Must Love God!  Knowing that I have support and accountability from friends gives me a huge boost!

Eat Clean: My main goal right now is just to get my calories and portion sizes back under control.  I did better last week, but I need to do much, much more.  Being back in school actually helps me control my eating habits.  It forces me to plan ahead, pack my lunch, and make better choices.  This weekend, I stocked my fridge and freezer with yogurt, Lean Cuisine meals, salad mixes, and bottled water (and a six pack of Diet Dr. Pepper).  I'm ready for a much better week this week.

Move More: I got a couple of workouts in last week, but I have to do a lot better.  I was exhausted from school and felt bad a couple of days, but this week should be better.  My goal is to get off the ellipitcal and back to running, to run three times this week, and to start doing five minutes of PraiseMoves a few mornings.

Refresh Daily: Out of everything, this is the one I'm strongest in right now.  My husband and I are keeping each other accountable in our reading - we're using the M'Cheyne plan to read through the Old Testament once and the New Testaments and Psalms twice this year.  This week, I plan to start structured nightly quiet time with my boys, too - something we've been lacking.

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  1. This is a great format - and yes, having people help in accountability is wonderful :)


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