Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Developing a Habit of Grace

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We throw the concept of grace around a lot.  It’s an important idea – after all, where would we be if not for God’s grace?  We talk about it, sing about it, write about it – but I wonder how much we really understand grace?

I’m working through an awesome Bible study right now on 1 Peter.  The study is “Kept,” and I’m going through it with the Hello Mornings fall session.  Last week, as we studied 1:1-2 and 5:12-14, I decided to look up “grace.”  I pulled up eSword on my laptop and went to the original Greek word.  It wowed me.  Here’s what I learned:
Grace (charis): graciousness of manner or act, especially the divine influence upon the heart and it’s reflection in the life, including gratitude.
Our mannerisms show grace.  Our actions show grace.  That’s it – it’s all grace.  All of life, our very life itself, is God’s grace.  Everything we are and everything we do should be a reflection of God’s influence in our life, including gratitude.

His Word is filled with His graces.  We are His workmanship.  He knit us together and knew us before we were born.  He collects our tears in a bottle.  We are inscribed on the palms of His hands.  His grace is more than amazing. 
Grace – that simple word has been speaking to me all week long.  My prayer is that God will keep His grace at the forefront of my heart and mind, and that He will help me to reflect that grace in all I do.  I want grace to become more than a word - I want grace to be a habit in my life.

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