Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Me I'd Almost Forgotten

I spent Saturday morning with a tall, dark and handsome guy.  He's the kind of guy I dreamed about as a kid.  He's kind of a rebel.  He has an attitude sometimes.  We spent part of the morning arguing (he can be incredibly stubborn), but the rest of the day was awesome.  Spending time with him was a great way to destress.  I felt so much better when I left him (although I wish I could see him more) and headed home to my family.  I even have pictures...

Me and Scout, my favorite horse at the riding therapy program I volunteer with

I love horses.  I've been in love with them since I was a little girl and first realized what a horse was.  I started riding when I was 12, got my own horse when I was 14, and sold her when I was 21, after I married my husband.  Many of my best childhood memories are from those years with my horse, Dutchess.  I miss horseback riding (although I still go whenever I get a chance, its rare now), grooming, feeding, even the smell of horses.  (Horse people - you'll understand.  Everyone else - I know you think I'm crazy, but it's okay, it's normal to horse lovers.)

Saturday morning was incredible!  I love volunteering with my friend Katie at her riding therapy program.  It gives me a chance to be me - the real me, deep down, who almost got pushed aside when I grew up, got married, had kids, and started working.  Sometimes life comes along, and it pushes us away from our passions and dreams.  But I don't want to forget my passion.  I want to hang on to that dream.  One day, when I'm done with school and my kids get older and life settles down a little, I want to have horses again.  I want to live that part of my dreams again.

People know me as a lot of different things - wife, mom, Curves manager, student, future dental hygienist, Miche rep, and more.  But for a few hours Saturday, I was me.  Amanda, just Amanda, the horse-crazy kid who grew to still find some of her greatest joy with horses.  I left the barn at noon, dirty, tired, and delirously happy - dirty boots and all.  What a way to spend a weekend.

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  1. How lovely!! So glad that you were able to just be you for a few hours :)


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