Sunday, May 19, 2013

It Starts Today

This is a year of fresh starts.  My graduation a few days ago means a new career is just around the corner - in a few weeks, I hope to officially be a Registered Dental Hygienist.  I get to be a wife and mom again, instead of a full-time student juggling work and family.  I get to focus on my blog and my writing.  I get to read again.  I'm starting a new chapter of the story God is writing through my life.

I had to neglect a lot of things to get through school.  One of them was my health.  The intensity of my program, coupled with the demands of family and work and ministry, left no time for working out or planning healthy meals.  I put on weight and felt continually worse.  Now it's time to change all that.  This chapter is going to include me taking care of myself.

I'm tired of battling pain and fatigue.  I'm tired of tight clothes and the biggest sizes I've ever worn.  I'm tired of feeling bad.  I'm tired of treating my body, a temple of the Holy Spirit, like a trash can. So I'm starting fresh, starting small, starting a journey to a new me - and it starts today.

I'm not making sweeping, radical changes.  I walked a mile this morning.  One day, I want to run a half-marathon - but today it starts with just one mile.  Today I'm having a fruit smoothie and a fruit and cereal bar for breakfast.  I won't drop 20 pounds because of it, but it's a small, easy change to improve my diet.  I don't have to start big, I just have to start.  I'm ready to change, starting now.

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