Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When I Need Grace

I really messed up the other day.  I was tired.  I was trying to focus on college work.  The boys were hyped up from a church event.  I was trying to get them to bed, but they would have no part of it - they were running, yelling, and laughing.  To top it all off, our almost 13 year old Yorkie walked into the living room and decided to take a potty break on our area rug.

I lost it.  It was ugly.  I  was ugly.  I yelled at the dog.  I got mad.  I yelled at the kids, who were defending the dog.  ("Mom, she's old - she can't help it.")  The kids were crying.  The dog was hiding.  I was on my knees at 10:30 p.m. on a Saturday night with Resolve and a rag, scrubbing pee stains out of our rug.

I never knew that scrubbing a rug could bring so much clarity.  It didn't take me long to realize that I had really messed up.  I needed grace, and I needed it bad.  I told God I was sorry.  I told the kids I was sorry and asked for their forgiveness, which they were quick to give.  I cuddled the dog and told her "sins forgiven."  (Yes, that's what we have to tell her when she's no longer in can tell she's a preacher's dog.)

I'm thankful that God's grace comes so quickly.  I'm glad He doesn't give me what I deserve.  I'm amazed that He sees through my faults and loves me in spite of them...and trust me, there are a lot of them.  I'll never understand it, but I'm so grateful for it.

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  1. I've sure been there a few times these past few days! It's awful :0( But God's grace is so wonderful, and I am thankful for his forgiveness, and my family's as well! Great post, thanks for reminding me to quickly turn and seek God's grace!


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