Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Me, Yard Sales, and the Bermuda Triangle

I solved one of the world’s great mysteries this weekend.  It happened totally by accident.  One of my big goals for this summer is to have a yard sale, so I’ve been going through all the closets in the house and cleaning them out.  Let me just say we’re going to have a really big yard sale in a few weeks!  Anyway, this weekend it was time for the most dreaded task of all…cleaning out my youngest son’s closet and bedroom.  I knew it was long overdue, but wow, I had no idea what I was in for.

It took the entire long weekend – three days of hard work – and I’m still not totally done.  So far we’ve filled two and half huge trash bags (we’re talking lawn-and-garden size bags – you know, the 5,000 gallon kind) with outgrown toys and clothes for the yard sale, and some smaller bags of trash (broken toys, toys with pieces missing, old coloring books, etc.).  His room is looking so much better!  He can now actually find the toys he loves playing with.
In the midst of all that cleaning, as I said, I solved one of the world’s greatest mysteries.  The Bermuda Triangle.  It’s simple, really – everything that has disappeared from the earth, ever, was somehow sucked into my little guy’s bedroom.  It was all there, and it’s now either in our garage awaiting the yard sale or in the trash.  Well, okay, not all of it went to the yard sale or the trash.  My oldest son’s entire Bakugan collection was located in my youngest son’s toy buckets.  The boys’ entire wardrobe was buried at the back of the closest.  (Their idea of ‘Hang this up neatly’ needs some work.  And besides that, what are my 10 year old’s clothes doing in my 7 year old’s bedroom?)  Now, thanks to his clean room, the entire Marvel Comic superhero squad can guard my boys’ bedrooms, since they are no long MIA.

I have to admit, I’m impressed with what was accomplished this weekend.  Apparently I’m not the only one.  When he saw his younger brother’s room, my oldest replied, “Wow, Mom – I may have to hire you to clean my closet too.”  Hhhmmm…this idea just may work!
This morning, as I was getting ready to post this, I saw that Sarah Mae is hosting a challenge to celebrate her 31 Days to Clean "reboot" with daily challenges.  What could be better?  Obviously, from the condition of the boys bedrooms, my house needs it.  I'm out of class for the next six weeks, so the timing is right.  She says it's an experiment...well, count me in!  It started with one room - now, clean and organized house, here I come!

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