Thursday, May 3, 2012

Too Busy for Life?

Dental hygiene school is all consuming.  It takes up every waking moment of my time.  I spend hours at school, and when I'm not at school or work, I'm studying or writing papers or doing research.  My entire life consists of this:

In just a few more days, I'll have a least for the 57 days of summer break.  I plan to do the things I haven't had time for during the last few months.  On my list:
  1. Spend time with my family.  Although in the long run becoming an RDH is going to be amazing for my family, in the short term, it really stinks.  I don't spend anywhere close to enough time with them.  I can't wait to just hang out and have fun with my guys more.
  2. Run.  I miss running.  I miss taking my stress out on my run.  I miss the high of pushing further than I've been before or faster than I've been before.  I'm not a good runner or a fast runner, but I love to run, and I can't wait to get in some good running time again.
  3. Read.  The Kindle Fire my hubby got me for Christmas was the perfect gift!  I devour books, and my Kindle is loaded with tons of great my fave author, Ted Dekker, has a brand new book coming out next month...I can't wait to get lost in some good, creepy, FBI-tracking-serial-killer books.
  4. Swim.  We just got an above ground pool, and it's calling my name...this summer, I'm going to get skinny and tan and hang out with my guys in the pool. 
  5. Geocache.  Again, tons of fun with my family, and it's been a really long time since we went.
  6. Go to the gun range.  Ok, I'm a huge tomboy, and you're probably thinking I've read too many of my FBI-tracking-serial-killer books....but I love going to the gun range.  I grew up shooting with my dad (that's what happens when you're the only girl in the family) and I still love guns.  My husband, kids and I go the range and all take turns - my hubby with his Glock, me with my Sig Sauer, and the boys with a .22 rifle.  Good family fun. 
So, yeah, overall, I've been too busy with school to have a life, but in just a few more days, this semester ends, and maybe I can have a life again...for a little while.

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  1. Sounds like you are pretty well-rounded from shooting things to cleaning people's teeth!!!! That dental picture is hilarious!

  2. Learning to shoot a gun is on my bucket list! You certainly have a good plan of attack for the summer!

  3. You are an amazing women for journeying down this path - way to go!!


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