Thursday, May 24, 2012

Simple Goals and Big Changes

Several weeks ago, I snagged a copy of Candace Cameron Bure's book Reshaping It All for my Kindle Fire.  (On sale - I love a good bargin.)  I grew up watching Candace on "Full House" and her brother on "Growing Pains," so I was super excited about getting a copy.  As soon as I finished my last final for the semester, I started reading it. 

My life has been all about changes lately.  I finished a brutal semester of college, during which I had to make huge sacrifices just to pass.  We lost our beloved 13 year old Yorkie, and a month after her death, we got a new puppy.  Major changes at my job of 4 1/2 years forced me to start looking for a new job, which I just started this week.  I worked at a gym, so leaving also meant starting a whole new workout routine at a different gym.  My life looks very different now than it did in January.
A lot of things are being reshaped in my life right now, so I decided that this is the perfect time to read Candace's book.  I've been fighting the same 10-15 pounds for too long, and I'm ready to finally hit my goal weight and stay there.
In chapter four, Candace talks about goals and counting the cost.  I'm setting four simple goals for myself, with the ultimate goal of losing 15 pounds.  I know (from experience) that if I set too many goals or make my goals too complicated, I'll get overwhelmed and give up.  So I'm keeping it simple:
  1. Daily quiet time.  Why am I starting with daily quiet time?  Because I realize that my health is so much more than just the physical - my health is a spiritual thing, too.
  2. Move more.  Establish a regular workout routine that includes running, Pilates, and Praise Moves, with swimming and biking with my boys thrown in for fun and variety.
  3. Drink more water.  I am a major diet Dr. Pepper and coffee adict.  I love them, and there is no way I'm cutting them out - but I am cutting back.  I'm going to limit myself to one each per day.  I need more water, and I plan to make it my main beverage.
  4. Eat clean(er).  I've done some reading lately on "clean eating."  Some things I like, some things I don't, and some things will just never work for our family.  So I'm modifying it a bit, and we're going to clean up our diet - more whole grains, no white (rice, pasta, etc.), less meat/more beans, less prcessed foods.  I'm not totally cutting processed foods and sugar, but I want to cut back drastically on them. 
They are simple goals, but I think these will make big changes in my health and well-being.  I know it's going to be worth the cost.

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