Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Small Steps = Big Progress

Chasing a God-sized dream is a scary thing!  I've discovered that over and over since I started chasing mine, first with dental hygiene school, and now with writing.  I find myself facing emotions ranging from excitement to doubt to outright terror.  I found this on Pinterest a few days ago.  It sums up what I feel perfectly - I'm scared to death!

This week, I've taken a couple of small steps toward my goal.  The first is just writing.  I've written some blog posts and put a total of about six hundred words into my big project, as well as doing some polishing on the first few chapters.  Step two is getting my first two chapters ready to go to my critique group.  This small group of ladies (along with with my amazing friend and editor, who is getting a slightly larger piece of the story) will the be the first people to read anything more than just snippets of my writing.

How do I feel about this whole process?  I'm so terrified at the thought of it I can hardly breathe.  I feel sick.  My head is spinning.  Ummm...I think I may need to get over this if I really want to write.  One step at a time...


  1. Go, Amanda, Go!! I'm in your corner! : ) It is so, so, so scary at first...but God put that dream there for a reason. : ) Keep walking it out!

  2. I so relate to your "pin" at the top of this post. Thanks for sharing that!

    I'm so excited to get to watch you unfold this dream with God's help.

  3. Yes this is easy to relate too. I have felt that, said that, questioned that many times.


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