Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This weekend brought another crazy Saturday.  I sat on my couch after my morning quiet time, my head spinning as I thought of everything I had to do - grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, college work, studying, writing, finishing my children's church lesson.  By 7:30 a.m. I was already overwhelmed!

Then I decided to finally read the email I'd been saving - Ann Voskamp's blog posts from the week, the ones I hadn't had time to read during the craziness of college classes and work and washing towels and cooking dinner.  And I found her wonderful "Sanity Manifesto."  I felt a little sanity creeping in just reading her post.  It was exactly what this stressed out, about-to-graduate momma needed.  If you haven't read this - go read it now.  Are you incorporating any of these ideas into your routine?

On a side note - your prayers would be appreciated.  This semester is intense as I balance school, seeing patients, work, family, home, church, and studying for national boards.  It's a lot to juggle - but on May 10, it's all going to pay off.


  1. Oh you certainly have a packed schedule!! My head spins for you. I will say a prayer that God will supernaturally keep you in one piece (peace) until graduation day!

  2. You have been nominated!


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