Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Giver of Dreams

I talk to God a lot about my dreams, especially when the road to them gets rocky.  I'm just weeks away from graduating with an associate of science degree in dental hygiene.  By the end of summer, I will be a registered dental hygienist.  It's the culmination of a dream, but this has been, without a doubt, the hardest two years of my life.  It has never been an easy road.

I asked God why a few months back.  Why has this road been so hard?  Why has it been such a struggle when I felt so strongly that this was the right path?  God's answer, then and every time since that I've asked that question, is the same: "Do you trust Me?"

Sunday night, we had one of our conversations as I fought off another panic attack brought on by school...
Me: "I'm so scared, God.  I have to pass this semester."
God: "I've got this."
Me: "We've invested so much in this, and I'm almost out of time."
God: "Have I ever failed you?"
Me: "No.  You've never failed me."
God: "Even when it came down to the wire?"
Me: "No, not even then."
God: "And I won't start now.  Do you trust me?"

Going back to college in my 30's has been a long, hard lesson in fully trusting God, and I'm sure this isn't the end.  I'm getting ready to move into new dreams, and I know chasing my writing dreams  will bring its own set of struggles.  Recently, I asked God to confirm some things about my future in writing - and He did, loud and clear.  I'm ready, because I know that God will be there to lead me through it.  He gave me these dreams, so He's going to be with me every step of the way.  I just have to trust Him.


  1. He never abandons us - He is faithful, always...I needed to read this today. Thank you! (stopping over from Holley's link up!)

  2. Amanda, I'm so proud of you for going for your dreams. And look, you're almost there!

    I've had similar conversations with God (because we have a relentless enemy, don't we?) But God always wins, and so do we. He who began a good work in you will be faithful to finish it. He wouldn't have called you if He didn't equip you. Thanks for blessings us, and I'm thankful to bless you back!

    Love your God-Sized Sister-Dreamer,


  3. Can't wait to see what God does!

  4. I think it is awesome that you went back to school. I have always wanted to go back but it was so scary. Now that I am learning to trust God, He has not seen it to be time to open those doors for me. Thanks for blessing me with you words,


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