Monday, February 10, 2014

Creating Time With God

We know we need time with God. We've heard it a thousand times: we can't give away what we don't have. We can't be the wife, mom, daughter, sister, employee, or woman we need to be if we don't first fill ourselves full of God.

But the things that create our great need for Him are the very things that make it hard to find time with Him.

Everything else in our lives clamors for our attention, and we push our time with God to the back of the list.

I struggled for years to find my niche when it came to Bible study and prayer. I tried groups and plans, books and online studies, detailed guides and unplanned time. I finally learned the truth: there is no "right way." My time with God has changed with the seasons of my life. Over the past twelve years, I've moved from stay at home mom to part-time working mom to full-time student, and now to working mom.

One thing I have learned is that no matter what your quiet time looks like, you have to have a plan! It doesn't have to be elaborate, but you do need a general idea of where you're headed. Here are a few simple ways to get started:

1. Create a space.
You don't have to set aside a whole room, but create a space where you meet with God daily. My space is our living room couch. It might be your kitchen table, or your deck, or even your car. Designate a space that is yours for meeting with God.

2. Gather your supplies.
If your time is limited, the last thing you want to do is waste time digging for your Bible, your notebook, or anything else you need for your time with God. Again, this doesn't have to be anything fancy. Grab a pretty basket or your favorite tote bag and stash your Bible, your favorite journal, your Bible reading plan, and whatever else you need. I found this adorable mini-chest at Ross for $11.00 - cute, cheap, and Paris themed. (I'm kind of obsessed with Paris, thanks to Sabrina and Les Miserables.)

3. Create a schedule.
There is no "one size fits all" schedule, but without some kind of plan, you will most likely find yourself aimlessly wandering through your time with God. Write out a simple list of the things you want to accomplish. For me, it's 1000 gifts (my gratitude list), scripture memory, Bible study, prayer and journaling.

4. Choose a Bible study.
There are SO many to choose from, but don't get overwhelmed. There are great free resources out there to help you get started. A few that I love are Hello Mornings/Quench Bible Studies, She Reads Truth, and YouVersion.

If you're serious about spending time with God, read Savoring Living Water by Katie Orr and Laura Williams. This book is amazing!

5. Make yourself accountable.
Find a friend or family member to hold you accountable for spending time with God. Or sign up for Hello Mornings. Not only does this amazing site provide Bible studies, but it provides a whole accountability program, bringing together women from all over the world. Sign ups for the next session start Monday, February 17. Check out one of the dozens of groups on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram - including my CST Twitter group, Morning Grace.

I won't promise you that you're going to be perfect. I won't promise it will always be easy. But I will promise you this: it's worth it. Make time for God in your life, and you'll be amazed at the difference He makes.

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