Monday, February 24, 2014

How (and Why) I Memorize Scripture

Scripture memory has never been my strong point. I know it's important, but to be honest, I struggle with it. I've tried different methods. I signed up and started Hide His Word challenges, with varying amounts of success, but I've never totally finished one. This time, when I signed up for Isaiah 55, I determined to see it through.

I need God's Word hidden in my heart.

There are so many reasons to memorize Scripture:

1. To fight temptation
When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, He fought Satan with a powerful weapon that we have full access to - the Word of God. You may not always have your Bible, but if you've memorized Scripture, you're always armed and ready for battle.

2. To meditate on God's Word
When I have Scripture in front of me all day, I stay focused on it. It's always at the back of my mind. So many times I've seen the verses I'm learning in a new light - through a sermon, a Bible study, or a book - because it was on my mind, and I was able to add to it through different sources.

3. To share my faith with others
4. To encourage others
Again, we can't use the Word unless we know the Word.

As I've worked on memorizing scripture, I've found several great, simple resources to help me. My favorites, which I'm currently using to memorize Isaiah 55, are:

1. Verse cards: Every Sunday, I write the week's verse on index cards - one to carry with me in my purse, one to keep at home. I have no excuses for not studying if my verses are always with me.

2. First Letter cards: This is my favorite way to review! If I'm struggling with a verse, just seeing the first letter of the next word is usually enough to jog my memory.

3. Sticky notes: I don't do this every week, but if I'm really struggling with a verse, I'll write it on sticky notes and post them around the house - on the bathroom mirror, above the washing machine, and so forth.

4. Journaling: I start each day with my gratitude list in my journal, then I write out that week's verse and track how many times I review it.

5. Scripture Typer app: This is one of my favorite iPhone apps! Scripture Typer makes it so easy to study verses. It even provides reminders when it's time to review, so nothing slips through the cracks.

6. Lock screen: Using my favorite iPhone photo editing app (Rhonna Designs), I create a lock screen design with the the verse I'm working on. Any time I use my phone, I can easily review my verse.

What about you?
Does memorization come easily for you, or do you struggle with it?
What are your favorite memorization methods or tips? 
Leave a comment and share them - I'm always looking for new ideas!


  1. What a great post full of both motivation and great tips for memorizing scripture. I love your lock screen photo. I'll have to look up that app. I'll share this link at our Facebook page for Hide His Word so the other ladies can benefit from it as well. So glad you shared it at our Do Not Depart linkup!

  2. Cool idea, Amanda! I'll have to try the first letter thing-I remember doing that in high school, and it's never too late to try things that worked once upon a time!

  3. Nice resource suggestions! Thanks...I don't have an iphone, but my kids do (isn't there something wrong with that statement?) and I'm going to suggest these to them!

  4. Memorization is so hard for me. It was so much easier as a child, and I'm grateful my parents drilled a lot of scripture into me as a kid!


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